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The Geneva Internet Platform is an initiative of the Swiss authorities operated by DiploFoundation

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Future Challenges in Cyberspace

Future Challenges in Cyberspace GCSP Policy Paper 2015/4 by Aapo Cederberg now available.

'Cyber power is a global game changer. It brings along new asymmetries to power politics. All aspects of our lives and functions of our societies will be transformed by all-pervasive and hyper connected digitalisation. '

Internet governance developments in March

The IG Barometer for March showed that the past few weeks were more intensive for online privacy and data protection, net neutrality, jurisdiction, and the IANA transition process, compared to previous weeks.

Internet governance, e-diplomacy discussed during Asian lecture tour

The Internet poses a wide range of challenges for modern diplomacy, including how to protect national cybersecurity, how to govern the Internet on the global level, and how to keep up with the content policy dynamics. These and many other questions were discussed during a number of lectures in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, delivered by Dr Jovan Kurbalija, DiploFoundation director and head of the Geneva Internet Platform, on 12-17 March 2015. Read the day-by-day account of Dr Kurbalija's lecture tour...

Fighting cybercrime through closer international cooperation

The second event in the Cybersecurity Days series ‒ Fighting cybercrime through closer international cooperation ‒ took place on 30 March and was co-organised by the Geneva Internet Platform and the Division for Security Policy, Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland. Read the summary of the discussions...

Just-in-time Course on Internet Governance April 2015

The main aim of this course is to assist permanent missions in actively following the increasingly relevant field of digital politics. The course is offered by the Geneva Internet Platform and delivered by DiploFoundation.  

College of Europe students discuss cybersecurity, digital challenges for Europe at Geneva Internet Platform

Discussing diplomacy and cyber politics in Geneva is just like studying fashion in Paris or music in Vienna: being where things happen, you simply step outside and are immersed in the policy dynamics. This is what 77 students from the College of Europe from 39 countries experienced recently during their visit to the Geneva Internet Platform.


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