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The Geneva Internet Platform is an initiative of the Swiss authorities operated by DiploFoundation

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Multilayer Governance as a Theoretical Foundation of Enhanced Cooperation

Multilayer governance as a theoretical foundation of enhanced cooperation is a paper written by Rolf H. Weber, Chair Professor at University of Zurich in answer to the question: What does enhanced cooperation mean and what is its contribution to multistakeholder participation in particular and Internet Governance in general?

The Mapping of International Internet Public Policy Issues

The Intersessional Panel of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development has published The mapping of international Internet public policy issues.

Update from the Cybersecurity Winter School

The regional Cybersecurity Winter School (1-5 December 2014) organised by DCAF and DiploFoundation, gathered  28 participants from the Western Balkans and Moldova in the picturesque Petnica Youth Research Center, 100 km from Belgrade. Participants were junior officials from public institutions related to IT or security, as well as from universities, NGOs, and the corporate sector. Read the full update.

Internet Governance in November 2014: A Bubbling Cauldron

November has been a busy month for Internet governance (IG). Aptly described as a bubbling cauldron – a vivid metaphor which highlights the heated discussions which took place in this eventful period – these IG policy developments and events have a broader impact on the political space. Read the full digest of the Geneva Briefing on Internet Governance (2 December 2014).

OFCOM Telecommunications Report 2014

With the Telecommunications Report 2014, the Federal Council is presenting a further report on the development of the Swiss telecommunications market. Following reports in 2010 and 2012, with the 2014 Report the Federal Council is therefore fulfilling a parliamentary mandate to analyse developments in the telecommunications market and identify requirements for legislative action. The report also contains information on the Confederation’s majority holding in Swisscom.


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