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Framework or Institution?

I believe that creating a policy specific or theme specific place or framework to discuss important issues is important, but it is just as important to make that place known.

IG issues have far-reaching consequences for our everyday lives but they are also multi-faceted and require specialist knowledge. How can we bring together these different policy silos with their respective expertise? With so many different actors in IG, the increasing importance of Internet in our daily lives and it’s tendency to evolve as technology changes, the challenge, in my opinion, is to create a place, a framework or a procedure rather than an all inclusive institution that might be able to deal with today’s issues yet rust as soon as it is called into creation. But maybe I’m wrong?

For example, data protection and privacy are multifaceted issues, as many IG issues are, that are important for any internet user. Yet how is it possible for them to raise their voice and be heard? And where? Weighing Data protection with business models (how much information are users willing to give for “free” use and what control can I have on them?) or weighing our privacy with security (are governments allowed to infringe on our privacy - or/and how much -in order to guarantee our security?) without consulting the users have created uproar in different communities ranging from Facebook users to the parliamentarians as well as certain cryptographers who question current coding schemes. How then can all these actors, with their respective interests and knowledge be included while keeping a decision-making capacity?

Two 'balancing acts'

Two 'balancing acts'

  • how to make robust enough procedures without building new institutions?
  • how to have cross-silos policy BROAD enough to cover complexity and DEEP enough to have effective decision-making?


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The Geneva Internet Platform is an initiative of the Swiss authorities


Members of the Steering Committee are FDFA, OFCOM and the Canton of Geneva

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