Dear all,

I am happy to advise, that based on

1. some strategic lobbying,

2. the insertion of a specifically cited comment within the Outcome Document:

"TRACY HACKSHAW, April 18, 2014 at 12:48 AM:
I support the inclusion of specific language referring to the inclusive and equitable participation of stakeholders from developing countries (i.e. not simply referring to the term “countries” which can easily be taken to mean “governments”). As a citizen of a Small Island Developing State, I also support a specific reference to the inclusive participation of stakeholders from Small Island Developing States."

- the podium support of UNESCO on Day 1

- and a floor contribution from the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on Day 1

The inclusion of a specific reference to SIDS featured as follows in the Roadmap preamble.

"Internet governance should promote sustainable and inclusive development and for the promotion of human rights. Participation should reflect geographic diversity and include stakeholders from developing, least developed countries and small island developing states."

Unfortunately, it did not feature in the arguably "more important" Principles section as hoped, nonetheless, the specific reference is welcomed, and is certainly a step forward.

Having now established a specific space in the IGF for SIDS, the achievement of the recognition of the challenges and context of SIDS in the Internet Governance discussion is valuable and something we can and should all build on. In this regard, the Internet Society Trinidad and Tobago Chapter (ISOC-TT), in collaboration with the Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society (PICISOC) with support from the Trinidad and Tobago Network Information Centre (TTNIC) will is proposing to host its 3rd Annual IGF SIDS Roundtable: Do the elements required to promote the Information Society/Knowledge Economy complement "basic" infrastructural development needs? (the 2014 workshop proposal is at ‎

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Posted with the permission of the author.

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