Read or download Geneva Digital Watch: Issue 4, October 2015.

The highlights of the latest issue include:

  • The launch of the Geneva Internet Platform Digital Watch, developed in collaboration with the Internet Society. Are you following a particular issue(s) or process(es)? What are the latest updates? Who are the main actors and events? GIP Digital Watch provides a neutral one-stop shop for an overview of Internet-related issues, including actors, events and digital policy processes.

  • Many developments took place in September: from the US-China cyber arms deal, to the unanimous adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals; from rulings impacting the privacy of Internet users, to updates on the IANA transition.

  • In an interview with GIP Digital Watch, Swiss diplomat Markus Kummer shares his expectations on the future of IG, the outcomes of the WSIS+10 meeting, and the possible extension of the IGF mandate.

  • What happens when one takes all the transcripts from the IGF sessions and analyses them in a scientific way? Diplo’s team of analysts has uncovered meaningful patterns of data, that help us understand and interpret the archive of transcripts.

  • Test your knowledge on the responsibility of Internet intermediaries, with our fun crosswords.

About Digital Watch: You receive hundreds of pieces of information on digital politics. We receive them, too. We decode, contextualise, and analyse them. Then we summarise them for you.

The Geneva Internet Platform is an initiative of the Swiss authorities


Members of the Steering Committee are FDFA, OFCOM and the Canton of Geneva

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