São Paulo, Brazil, 25 April 2014: After two days of meetings and negotiations in the corridors of NETmundial, GIP experts believe there is much more to be achieved through a patient, but firm, multistakeholder approach to fostering a truly reformed global Internet governance.

The NETmundial summit held in São Paulo, Brazil, came to an end on Thursday with the issuance of its long-awaited Final Declaration.

Throughout the meeting, GIP director Jovan Kurbalija has been active in participating in discussions, debates, and negotiations. Once again, at the very end, diplomatic compromise has prevailed.

‘As all strikers and players left the pitch of this long-awaited Brazilian-hosted NETmundial summit often compared by media to the upcoming FIFA World Cup’, says Jovan Kurbalija,  ‘it remains to be seen if this crucial multistakeholder meeting marks the beginning of a new journey or just another phase in the ongoing World Summit on the Information Society process.’

The GIP’s full analysis of the final declaration can be found on our website: http://giplatform.org/events/netmundial

Launched on 8 April 2014, the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) appears to be an ideal venue to continue exchanges and to advance on the path of reforms for the global governance of the Internet. With the support of the Swiss authorities, the upcoming Geneva Internet Conference to be held in September promises to be a particularly timely event to assess the results of NETmundial and the concrete steps needed for the implementation of the roadmap.

A French language press release will be issued shortly.


NETmundial, the Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance, is starting this Wednesday in São Paulo, Brazil. It will focus on crafting Internet governance (IG) principles and proposing a roadmap for the further evolution of the IG ecosystem.

Jovan Kurbalija, director of the Geneva Internet Platform, is on the ground in Brazil. He insists on the necessity of a compromise and of a consensus-based approach. Jovan can be contacted in São Paulo at jovank@diplomacy.edu

The Geneva Internet Platform is an initiative of the Swiss authorities


Members of the Steering Committee are FDFA, OFCOM and the Canton of Geneva

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