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A successful start for the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP)

Reshaping digital governance: why Geneva matters

Geneva, Switzerland – 9 April 2014: Diplomatic community and media mobilised for the launch of the GIP on 8 April.

Preparations for crucial upcoming NETmundial meeting taking place in Geneva

Additional proof of the growing interest in a reshaped and more inclusive Internet governance was shown on Tuesday, 8th April, when diplomats and journalists converged to attend the official launch of the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP). A dozen Geneva-based ambassadors, a number of diplomats, and several media representatives including Swiss TV, joined over 130 guests at the GIP premises at the World Meteorological Organization building to meet UNOG Acting Director-General Michael Møller, Director-General of the Federal Office of Communication of Switzerland Philipp Metzger, Ambassador Alexandre Fasel, Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the UN, GIP Director Jovan Kurbalija, and others.

A debate, moderated by Richard Werly, journalist with Le Temps, gave these prominent GIP actors the occasion to present the work being carried out by the GIP, planned activities and, with a short-term perspective, the challenges ahead for the crucial NETmundial summit to be held in São Paulo, Brazil on April 23-24. See this link for more details of the panellists’ interventions, and relevant quotations.

Following the panel discussion, numerous questions were raised on decisive questions about the future of the Internet. The GIP, established as a neutral platform and a hub for analysis, research, and updates on Internet governance, made clear its priorities are to promote a multistakeholder, cross-cutting approach on digital policies.

Already contributing to the NETmundial declaration drafting process, the GIP’s voice will be prominent during this forthcoming decisive meeting in Brazil. Through its presence in Brazil, and its already-established network of experts, the newly-created GIP is aiming at providing NETmundial stakeholders with a neutral, constructive, and prospective view on how to foster a more inclusive global Internet governance, taking into consideration the concerns of the European continent, and emerging countries, as the United States is now showing readiness for debate and suggestions.

Dr Jovan Kurbalija and the GIP team of experts will debrief the Geneva diplomatic community and the media when they return from São Paolo. Further questions for the GIP can be sent to the following contact:

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About the Geneva Internet Platform

The Geneva Internet Platform is an initiative by the Swiss authorities operated by DiploFoundation.

The GIP’s main aim is to contribute towards more effective and inclusive Internet governance in Geneva and beyond. Its activities are based on three pillars: a physical platform in Geneva,  an online platform and observatory, and a dialogue lab. The activities include training courses, research, diplomatic briefings, and events.

For example, in February/March, the GIP organised a book launch, awareness-building sessions for students, and policy briefings. A just-in-time course on Internet governance for Geneva-based diplomats is ongoing, having started 6 March and continuing through 8 May 2014. In 2014, the GIP plans to host events on Bitcoin and policy challenges (May), the impact of the Internet on diplomatic privileges and immunities (June), jurisdiction in the Internet era (June), and Twitter/telegraph (July). Just-in-time training courses will focus on the Internet and conference reporting (May), online privacy and data protection (September) and cybersecurity (October).

Swiss authorities are contributing Chf 400.000 in 2014 for the pilot phase of the GIP. DiploFoundation is contributing Chf 80.000, know how, training assets, and its network of experts in the field of Internet governance. The GIP aims to develop a broad network of supporters and partners.

About DiploFoundation

DiploFoundation (Diplo) is an independent non-profit organisation established in 2002 by the governments of Malta and Switzerland. Diplo has received wide recognition for its work, including consultative status with the United Nations. It featured among the top 100 NGOs in the world in 2012 and has alumni of close to 3000 diplomats, officials and academics from 189 countries. Diplo’s main mission is to increase the capacity of small and developing states to engage effectively and efficiently in global policy processes, negotiations, and diplomacy

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For further information, contact Tereza Horejsova, DiploFoundation

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The Geneva Internet Platform is an initiative of the Swiss authorities


Members of the Steering Committee are FDFA, OFCOM and the Canton of Geneva

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