NETmundial Wrap-up from The Technology Liberation Front

NETmundial wrap-up


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NETmundial Multistakeholder Statement of Sao Paulo is Presented


NETmundial Final Statement (Civil Society)

We would like to thank the Brazilian government for organizing the Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance

We, as a diverse group of civil society organizations from around the world, appreciate having been part of the process.

However we are disappointed because that outcome document fails to adequately reflect a number of our key concerns.

The lack of acknowledgement of net neutrality at NETmundial is deeply disappointing.

Press Release: The Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) is Committed to Following up on NETmundial’s First Achievements

São Paulo, Brazil, 25 April 2014: After two days of meetings and negotiations in the corridors of NETmundial, GIP experts believe there is much more to be achieved through a patient, but firm, multistakeholder approach to fostering a truly reformed global Internet governance.

The NETmundial summit held in São Paulo, Brazil, came to an end on Thursday with the issuance of its long-awaited Final Declaration.

NETmundial Breakdown of Contributions by Sector

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NETmundial Puts us on the Right Track

NETmundial puts us on the right track

NETmundial Participation by Country and Sector

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Why NETmundial Mattered and what was Achieved

The GIP’s team of experts in São Paulo offers a first decoding of the summit negotiations and the final declaration.

DAY 2: NETmundial Scores Goals, but Leaves Players and Teams Wondering about the Future

After two days of intensive negotiations with more than 1300 comments and proposals, the NETmundial summit in São Paulo concluded Thursday evening with the expected Multistakeholder Statement. But the document involves numerous compromises and tradeoffs, feeding frustrations and sparking questions about the future.


The Geneva Internet Platform is an initiative of the Swiss authorities


Members of the Steering Committee are FDFA, OFCOM and the Canton of Geneva

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