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Global Governance for a Global, Common, Public Resource

Published by Neelie KROES on Wednesday, 23/04/2014

This blog post is my extended remarks to the opening session of NETmundial 2014. I can only say about 80% of it live because of time limits.



Netmundial could be an historic gathering.

Other Media Coverage of NETmundial

Brazil Internet Conference Ends Divided on Key Issues From the WSJ by Loretta Chao A two-day conference on Internet governance came to a close in Brazil with a crowd of representatives from governments, companies and interest groups still divided over key issues ranging from surveillance to network neutrality.

Dilma Rousseff’s Opening Speech

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Civil Society Proposals for Amendments to the NETmundial Outcome Document

Civil society proposals for amendments to the NETmundial outcome document

April 23, 2014


Day 1 at NETmundial: Rejecting Mass Surveillance, Fostering Net Neutrality

From the corridors of negotiations to the end of the night discussing principles and a roadmap for an acceptable summit declaration, Jovan Kurbalija and Vladimir Radunovic give us their insight on this promising summit.

Internet a son Ambassadeur: Jovan Kurbalija



Internet a son ambassadeur: Jovan Kurbalija


Carl Bildt's Speech at NETmundial

NETmundial, Sao Paolo 23 april 2014
Carl Bildt, Utrikesminister

Utrikesministerns tal vid internetkonferensen NETmundial

Det talade ordet gäller.

President Rousseff, Ministers, Excellencies,

Members of civil society, industry, the technical and academic communities,

Everyone who has contributed, and is contributing, to building the internet,

Thank you for all your hard work.

Address by Nnenna Nwakanma for Worldwide Civil Society

Address by Nnenna Nwakanma. Africa Regional Coordinator of the World Wide Web Foundation, representing Civil Society, Worldwide.

Your Excellencies, Colleagues, present and remote, Ladies and gentlemen

Bon dia!!

Three Steps to Inclusive, Reliable and Effective Internet Governance

Video of Jovan's speech. Text below.

Today, trust is diminishing in Internet governance. The risks for the Internet are higher. Hopes for solutions are needed more now than ever before. NETmundial comes at a pivotal time. We need concrete solutions which will reduce the risks of the Internet and rebuild trust.

The IG road may be long and complicated, yet there are three concrete steps I would like to suggest be taken:  

First: Grant global inviolability to the root zone file.


The Geneva Internet Platform is an initiative of the Swiss authorities


Members of the Steering Committee are FDFA, OFCOM and the Canton of Geneva

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